Friday, January 10, 2014

Finding what you weren't looking for..

You ever look for one thing and find another?  And then the unexpected thing you found turns out to oodles and bunches of awesome!  Yep, happened to me today!  I found a store online, that happens to be in the loop of my favorite lunch stops.  I finally had time to go in and I'm so happy I did!  It's called The Willow Tree and I don't know how I missed this. 

It's almost adjacent to one of the thrift stores I frequent.  So, this is not a paid blog or anything like that.. No one pays me for anything I say.  There's a joke in that statement, but I'll get back to that.  I met Ms Mary and she was wonderful. She pulled down every plate off the wall that I wanted to see as we chatted.  She was warm and friendly and so was her shop.  There's something to be said for friendly folks and customer service.  Aside from that, wow, did she have a beautiful shop!! I picked up some new blue plates for my wall.

The ones I picked are Staffordshire and Lochs of Scotland.  She had more variety in patterns than I've seen anywhere.  I definitely prefer the floral patterns. 
So pretty!! I can just see them over the buffet.  Eventually they'll make it up there mingled with the white Ironstone pieces.
A little more for the stash...

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