Thursday, January 9, 2014

Transform-The Tired Buffet!

I was going to wait but, you see I'm like a little kid and I can't wait.  I raced home from work with my sand paper and wax.  I didn't even change clothes!  I went straight to it and HERE is the result!!!

                                                            You remember the BEFORE....


         This is a bit of a close-up of the distressing.  I just love it.  It's VERY blue and I was a little nervous, but when I stepped back and opened my eyes again (yes I really did do that) IT WAS PERFECT!!

I'm hooked! I want to paint everything! RIGHT NOW! Or maybe after dinner :)
Hope you like it as much as I do.

Adding... Here is an updated pic of what it looks like with the finishing touches on the dining room.


Melody said...

Dear Alicia,
Your buffet is beautiful, I love the colors you chose.
It sounds so peaceful living in the middle of a cotton field. I live in a few blocks from the beach in southern California, which is anything but peaceful. Would love to buy a large bouquet of cotton from you, is that possible? Would also enjoy conversing with you on life where you are, which sounds so lovely.
Keep up your beautiful work!

Melody said...

Dear Anita, So sorry I got your name confused, had just looked at another piece from Alicia. Please forgive me.

Unknown said...

No worries! Thanks for the kind words :) It is peaceful. I've lived all over the country, Southern Cali(Pismo and San Diego) included and I wouldn't trade my cotton field for any of it. I'd be happy to get you some cotton! Of course it's not quite ready yet. Best in late Sept early Oct. You can reach me at