Sunday, October 5, 2014

Victorian Chair Re-do

Hey, Hi, Howya been??  Needless to say, I've been super busy.  I have been taking pictures along the way, but just no time to share.  Here's a chair I picked up at the flea market when my friend Tiffany was visiting from Virginia a couple months ago.

It was in pretty good shape, but the edge of the seat fabric was dry rotted.  In the next post I'll show you how I salvaged some of the old seat.

It just fell apart if you pulled on it.

The padding was old, but in good shape so I left it alone.

It needed a little gorilla glue in the seams.  I used a butter knife to get it in there with little fuss.

To make the new seat cover, I just carefully pulled off the old one and traced around it on the new fabric.  *note~trace on the back side of the fabric, so that your marks won't show up if you cut a little beyond it.

I saved the original nails and reused them.

I very carefully nailed all the way around the seat.

I had some trim that I pulled off a coverlet a while back.  However, it was a stark white and didn't really fit the buffalo check.  A tea bag, a few minutes and it was just what I wanted.

After all the nails were back in I started the trim, hot gluing the small side pieces were first.

Then the base... hot gluing a couple inches at a time and scalding my fingers as I went.

Easy Peasy.  I considered painting it, but the finish was still too pretty.

(And a bonus~the old seat cover becomes the pillow~tell you about that tomorrow)

It's in the shop and waiting for a new home.  Hopefully, we'll get to open this week.  Fingers crossed.
I'm off to meet Mr, Steves.  I think we're headed to the north of England tonight :)
Good night friends and relations.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Can't wait to see all the finishing touches! Everything looks great. Congratulations on your big event.