Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Rug

I've been working on so many projects at one time, I'm losing track.  My poor house looks like...well it looks like this...

Yesterday was one of those days when all the things I started could not be completed.  I was working on the corner cabinet and ran out of my primer.  (It has an odd finish and I wasn't willing to try just the milk paint this time)  I tried to start my new pillows and just wan't happy with them.  I moved curtains around, but couldn't finish that until I repaired a previously bad patch job... So it was a day, but it's over and  I'm hoping to get back on track today.
     On a more exciting note, I'm picking up my new rug today!  Ok, well not exactly new.  I found it on a yardsale FB page in my community.  This is the picture from the FB post.  It's more than I had planned on spending at $75 but, it's really good quality and just the right colors, so I couldn't pass it up.

  I'm pretty sure it's going in they foyer.  The rug in the foyer will go into the kitchen until I find the right one for in there.  I can't wait!!

But now, back to it.. I have to find my dining room table.  I just know it's in there somewhere.

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