Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Red Elephant In The Corner Of The Room

I won't drag this one out.  It speaks for it's self :)  Remember before..  the giant red corner cabinet.  

And after
 You may notice it's been moved as well.  It's now in the opposite corner and I've added my beloved pie safe to the dining room from the hallway.   
 The knobs just set it off
I distressed it and finished it with a good waxing.  I have to admit though, I didn't use MMS milk paint on this one.  I made my own with a recipe that included plaster of paris.  I'll post the recipe and more detail if anyone is interested.  The results were even better than I'd hoped for, so I'll probably continue to use it.  

Every day's a little closer to my first room completion!

Happy Hump Day :) 


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! The knobs are beautiful, just want you needed!! GOOD JOB!

Unknown said...

Thank you! It brightened up the whole room :)