Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Side by Side

A lot things are ok side-by-side.  Twins, refrigerators, windows, before&afters, his&hers and the list goes on.  You could even add public restrooms to that list.  I mean who wants to go track down your significant other or children at a public place just because the restrooms are separate?! Guess what, I don't have to do it at home either. That's right.  We have side-by-side bathrooms AT HOME.  Now wait, before you run to Lowes to start your own side-by-side remodel, let me fill you.  It's weird.  Oh, you already thought so?  Great, now we're on the same page.

When we looked at our house the first time, I assumed the closed door beside the bathroom was a closet so I didn't even open it.  Surprise!  They are both in the hallway adjacent to the dining room.  Our house was built in the 1940's so I'm certain it's not an original feature.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the worst design flaw I've seen in a house.  We've made the most of it and I've come to like the idea of the girls potty and the boys potty.  I never cared for sharing with my husband anyway :)

I decided to start with the girls bathroom, you know since it's the one I look at more than just on cleaning day.  Even when we moved in I didn't do much with it, so it was easy to make it what I wanted.
 This is sort of a before and after shot all it's own.  It's before decorating and after cleaning... 
you're welcome.

This is the before of a small corner cabinet that my brothers, mother-in-law gave me.  I wanted something to go behind the door, but it's such a small space that it was tough. 

So there, you have it.  Before.  Tomorrow I get to show you the AFTER!


Unknown said...

Ill b waiting to see the "After"

Unknown said...

You would've seen it last night but I decided I wanted to wash the rug before I took final pics lol :)