Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Milk Sandwiches, Snowcream and a Well Invested Cat

My apologies.  I promised you a bathroom and you're getting... not a bathroom.  There just wasn't enough light to get pictures.  I'll be able to get good ones in the morning though.  Never fear!  I still have pictures...
  I've told you that I live in the middle of an Alabama cotton field.  You wouldn't know it to look outside tonight.  I'm sure, for some of you reading, six inches of snow is just another winter day.  Here, its an adventure in survival.  By survival, I mean the hunt for bread, milk, and toilet paper.

-Please note the following illustration
You know who you are... with your milk sandwiches

With snow comes the southern tradition of snow cream.  I call it a southern tradition, because when we lived in Michigan and it snowed, they had no idea what I was talking about.  So we moved.  It's simple, but amazing.  Set a cookie sheet or large bowl outside when it starts to snow and let it accumulate.  Add a little milk, sugar and vanilla and you've got snowy creamy goodness... snow cream.

Now on to the cat... If you find yourself in Indiana and in need of a cat, my cousin is giving one away.  Not your average feline, this cat has quite the resume including, but not limited to: proficient in Latin, skilled in culinary arts,  bff to the great Betty White,  and CPR certified.  Additionally, I'm given to understand that the cat has a significant portfolio as well.  Now, I can not say if portfolio is a reference to his assets or book of selfie's.  Either way, he'd be quite the asset to your family, I'm certain.

Tomorrow I promise you a bathroom and less rambling.  Good night :)

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