Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hickory Dickory Dock

Check out this big bowl of awesome sauce!

How cool is this?  I love it.  It's HEAVY,  
solid wood and all the trim is metal.  

Awesome, just awesome.  I've been watching it at a thrift store in town for a while.  They have a system of markdowns using different color tags.  The discounts range between 10% and 50% off.  Last Friday, I checked on it.  Still there!  I knew Monday it would go 50% off.  Guess, where I was on Monday? That's right, paying the electric bill.  Just this once I forgot to mail it and I .... Ok, so I forget to mail it every month and I always have to drop it in the box... Ok, so I forgot the bill at home and you can't drop your check in the box without the bill, which means I had to stand in line for most of my lunch to pay it before it was late.  There you have it.
I didn't get it Monday, but it was still there on Tuesday so it's all good.  And we still have power...
and I like power.

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