Tuesday, July 22, 2014

40 in the 40's

Finally feeling like myself again, which translates to.. once again taking on a million things at 
once and loving it.
This has nothing to do with home, but I sure did a lot of decorating...
This weekend was my husbands 40th birthday.   
He's a veteran and history buff like me.  Always interested in WWII, I thought a 1940's era party would be great fun.  Guess what? It was!

We held the event at the Veterans Museum.  There couldn't have been a better backdrop.

Dessert Table

The centerpieces were Live Oak Hydrangea's all containing propaganda posters from the era.
I also printed ration cards for everyone to leave a note for the birthday boy.
This is my daughter and my nephew.  She was an awesome Rosie!

His arrival

The Chow Line

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.
We played Glenn Miller, ate too much food and enjoyed each other's company.  It was a great time!
I couldn't accomplish all that I do without his support.  I'm a lucky girl.

Now, on to the next project!!

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Anonymous said...

As always, you did a lovely job! It was a great party, lots of fun, great food, and last but not lease, all the wonderful company and love! I had a great time, which I always do with you and the families! Love ya sweetie!