Friday, August 15, 2014

Patience: The Virtue I Know Not

I was going to wait, but I stink at waiting.  Even with all the other exciting things going on in our lives, there's now one more!

I have news… BIG news… The good kind.
I started my blog last December with the intent of pulling my home together into a finished product.  After the surprise of a new sewing machine for Christmas and some well-placed Christmas cash from family I opened my booth at Firehouse.  Though I loved being there, it was quite the drive and being sick for a spell didn't help.  So, I packed up and brought it home with the intention of finding another booth closer to home.  We have several stores around town that offer booths, but there was 
just nothing available.

I had been on their waiting lists since June before I left Firehouse and decided to find a small warehouse space to use for storage and workshop in the meantime.  I knew I wanted to be close to the town square.  I drove around scouting for empty buildings, peeking in windows and pulling more than a few cockaburs out of my shoes before it was over.  I came across a small “for rent” sign on the side of a building and called.  The fella told me where the key was and that I could let myself in and take a look.  *Did I mention I live in a small town? J  However, it wasn't really what I was looking for, so I thanked him and moved on.  He called me back less than a day later to say, when he got back to his office, he had an email from the lady who rents the front half of the building as a photography studio.  She had decided to move her studio back to her home and she would be vacating the building in less than a month.  I went back and looked with only a fraction of a thought that I should open my own store.  After talking with my husband, parents, kids, co-workers, friends, neighbors and the checker at the Hometown Grocery,  I convinced myself that I could do this.

With the help of my sister-in-law we will be opening 
Cotton&Kudzu on October 2, 2014 
in Athens, Alabama.

This is just a Google shot of the storefront as it is now.
  We will offer antiques, painted pieces, linens and a variety of vintage goodies.  It's only a 400 sq ft space in front, but it's just enough.  I'll have 2 rooms in the back for storage and workshop.  Like my booth, I will stock my store with what I love with the hopes that others will love it too.

I can't wait to take another step in this journey.
As always, thanks for reading!

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Libbie said...

So happy for you! So wish I were closer