Friday, November 21, 2014

My First Mustard Seed Piece

Been working on Christmas ornaments like you would just not believe. 
Our town square Christmas Open House is this weekend.  It's another first for me and I'm so excited!  Tomorrow, I'll have some gorgeous trees to show you.  But that can wait :)

Not sure if you remember the little yella fella below.  It was the first yellow piece I painted.  The phrase "nailed it" isn't the first thing off my lips.  I picked up the paint as a mismix at Lowes.  I should have left that one on the shelf ~ Live and learn.

A couple Friday's ago, I went to the auction with my sister.  She laughed when I bid on and won this little desk for next to nothing.  She laughed even harder watching me play furniture tetris out of the back end of my van trying to fit in everything I bought!

I looked at it for about a week and decided it would be the first piece to get the MMSMP in Mustard Seed I'd been holding onto for a bit.  I left the top in the dark stain and painted the base.  It's also the first piece I've done that chipped on it's own.  Usually, I have to help that along.


Waxed and ready, I'm very happy with it!
Sorry the pictures are grainy.  I'm afraid my camera is missing.  :(  I'm hopeful it will 
come home, but if not at least I have an excuse to upgrade.
Happy Friday Friends and Relations..

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