Friday, January 23, 2015

Catching Up

I had such great ideas for my anniversary post and Christmas posts and all the great things doing at the shop...  So, I blinked and it was January.  Thanksgiving weekend I jumped off a short wall to do a courtesy gravity check.  I bruised the bones and tore the ACL, MCL and cartilage.  Needless to say, I couldn't keep up after that.  I had to wait for the bones to heal before repair surgery could be done and in the midst of it all, I lost my sweet Papaw. 
 We celebrated his 83rd birthday that morning and he looked amazing.  So many people turned out for his celebration.  That evening the phone call came. 
The phone call always seemed so far away.

     For someone who offers up words to express life and living everyday, I'm now at a loss.  There simply are no words that honor everything he gave me in life and the legacy he leaves in death.

So, here I am now. I closed the doors of the shop last week.  I had reconstruction surgery on Monday and I'm feeling as well as could be expected.  I've a couple months of physical therapy ahead for the walking and a lifetime of effort to fill the shoes.

I'll follow up soon.  I have much to share even if it's a little late in coming.
Thanks for reading, sweet friends and relations. 

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