Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Rag Garland

Don't get me wrong, I love having a little extra time to spend with the Doctor, but frankly I'm dreaming about weeping angels, so enough is enough.  I'm not freely mobile, so I needed something easy that could be done while I sit.  I also wanted something I could easily put down and pick back up when I was ready.

Last year I made a garland valance and just loved it.  I wanted to do something a  little different with this one.

This time, I went thicker and fuller than just the valance style.  I decided to use less lace and shorter strips.  I cut an old lace curtain, scrap muslin and burlap.


I folded the muslin in half and cut the strips.  They shouldn't be perfect, but within a couple inches on both length and width.


When I was done with each kind, I put them in a pile and mixed them up.  This insured the lengths would all be mixed in together and varied without me having to keep up.

I used muslin as the primary fill.  Just tie the pieces on one at a time and push them together as tight or loose as you like.  I did 2 or 3 pieces of muslin before doing 1 lace or burlap.


I used what I had on hand for this project so, my base is just some yarn stuff that I 
found in the craft closet.  You could use twine or just about anything.

This section is 12 ft long and I'm thinking of using it in the new shop.  I'll have to make 2 if I decide to use it there.

If you make one I'd love to see!!
Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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