Thursday, December 26, 2013

For Lisa

I'm slowly taking down the Christmas decorations and when they are all safely back in the basement with Sloth I'll be taking much-many pictures for you to see my starting point.  For now, I'd like to show you one project that did see completion.

Just three short months ago my little sister moved away from us for the first time.  A promotion took her 6 hours north to Indianapolis.  She really wanted to start fresh, so with a limited budget we decorated an apartment she did not yet have.  We spent many evenings and weekends rummaging through my favorite hot spots of second-hand stores and auctions. 

Her living room. 
Those two cute little wing chairs were $25 finds at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore
The coffee table came from the flea market, the sofa from Craigslist. The picture was a clearance piece at Kirklands.  I made the pillows out of the extra curtain panels we bought for $5 each at DirtCheap.  The little side table was $20 at HomeGoods.  The accessories came from a variety of junk and antique stores around north Alabama.

A functional turntable, this piece was $10 at an auction.  I replaced the "lovely" 1970's green fabric with more left over curtain panels.  After a good wax, it looked amazing as a buffet against that coral wall!  The clock was a steal on clearance at Hobby Lobby. 

Though you can't really see it, there is an awesome little dresser angled behind the couch to hold all of her movies and games.  She already had it, so FREE!
We spend a little over $300 to furnish AND decorate her living and dining room.

The bedding was all discount from DirtCheap and TJMaxx.  The dresser a re-do from Craigslist. 
Her only splurge was on the upholstered headboard from HomeGoods, but it's gorgeous!

We spent 5 weeks buying, painting, sewing, and 1 WEEKEND to make it her home. :)
I miss her, but she's happy and that's enough. 

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