Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun celebration.  We don't do much around here.  Our family went to my parent's house for an early dinner of salad, steak, twice baked potatoes, and a few other goodies.  We were home by 9 and after a little Rick Steves at 9:30, this girl was done :) Exciting right?

But aside from my busy celebration social life, I've been plugging away at one of my first projects!  I've been, you guessed it, SEWING!  My new machine is getting a workout!

I love the look of grainsack, but it's just not in the budget, so I'm substituting painters dropcloth,     
 paint, and some awesome Frog Tape!  This stuff is amazing, by the way.  Can you guess what it is by the shape of the fabric?  By the way, before I use the dropcloths I wash them with detergent only.  I throw in a dryer sheet, but don't use liquid fabric softener.  I have a fear that they might get blue splotches.  Some people bleach them for a different look, but I like the natural oatmeal color.  Also, they will rip in a straight line, so it saves you on cutting.  Not to mention, I don't do anything well in a straight line ;)

I sewed several yards of piping for trim.  It's super easy, and I cheat and use the multipurpose craft cord.  It's about $.03 per yard vs the cut kind in the fabric department that can cost $.35 a yard.

Putting that zipper foot to good use.  I just sew inside out along the seam of the piping.  Corners are tricky so I try to stop after each one and make sure it looks the way I want.  Easier to fix that way.

Cute huh?! I'm so excited about these.  It's just 3 pieces of fabric and some grosgrain ribbon.  If you want a more detailed explanation of their creation, I'll gladly give it, just email or comment.  I've used dropcloths before, but never for this kind of project.  But, I was on a roll! So, I couldn't stop there....

Yep the parson's chairs got it too!  I just measured pieces to fit and took it one seam at a time.

When I make something like this, I take it off and put if back on after each seam to make sure that I'm on the right track.  It is soooo much easier to fix one seam as you go, rather than 3 when you're done.

                                       I finished it with the same ruffle as the chair covers. 
I am super happy with the end result.   Believe me, it's just the beginning.  You may have noticed that I have quite a bit of black furniture.  I haven't decided how much of it I'm going to paint, but I'm definantly changing some of it over to a lighter color.  I promise to keep you updated! 

                                                            See you soon....

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