Sunday, January 19, 2014

Speaking an infinite deal of nothing

I thought you might like to see a dresser make-over I did last year for my teenage daughter.  I don't have a before picture, but it's easy, just imagine the dresser in stark white. lol

     People who know me well know my odd and slightly freakish obsession with all things across the pond.  Yep, I want to stroll Portobello Road, eat fish and chips, kiss that Blarney Stone, and dive into a pint with little man Michaleen Oge Flynn.  I'll stop there and spare you the rest of the list, since it's a long one.  I guess what I'm getting at here is that recognizing dish patterns on 50 year old TV is not my only...well, oddity.  To point, I should not have been surprised when my daughter showed the same interests.  Her father's family is English and that just fueled the fire.  Then, when she found out that she shared her surname with a hospital and London suburban, it was all over.  Her hereditary Brit compulsion was complete.
     Last year we started looking around for Union Jack "stuff" for her room.  You wouldn't believe how hard it was to come by.  We found some things online, but usually at quite a cost.  One night she brought me this picture.

 Luckily, she already had a dresser with very straight lines, so I immediately knew- I could make this happen!!  At the time, I had not yet tried Frog Tape, but the cheap stuff worked ok since I didn't need precise lines.  
I like the outcome.  
She loved it and that's the important thing.  No really, it is.. really. :) 

I wanted to sand it down a little more, but she wouldn't let me.  She likes the vibrant colors.  The knobs were from Hobby Lobby, just white ceramic. 

Now, don't you just want to go paint something!? ..or watch BBC America? :)
As always, thanks for reading.

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