Sunday, March 2, 2014

He likes it, he really likes it

Here it is!

Sorry, I couldn't get these up yesterday.  I saved them to the internal memory by accident and then couldn't seem to retrieve them.  This first picture was taken the month we moved into our house in 2012.  I added a few things in the first year, but I wanted you to get the real picture of of how far it's come.

The furniture is a little worn, but I think it fits!  Nothing in our house is pristine, so it works.  The arms have a great nail head trim that I adore!
On the wall is a car tag from the county and year my husband was born

These are the prints I found in Williamsburg, VA last year for $1 each!  And of course, my long sought 
dough bowl.

The Nanny chairs

My pallet bench and barnwood coat rack.
My husband didn't know about the new furniture and got home before I did.  Luckily, we're to the point where no one bats an eye when things come and go in our house.  I got a text that said, "It's comfy"... which is usually the only requirement.

I hope you like! Thanks Miss Bailey for the deal on the great furniture.  It will be loved!

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