Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Few Before and After's

I have a few before and afters for you.  A few things I've been meaning to do and finally got around to.  Previously I've had the art spread out across the house.  I really wanted it all together in the stairwell.  I've also been wanting to display my silver platters.  We were at a photo session at my friends house
 and she had her's on the WALL.  
Loved it, so I copied it :) Thanks Dana!

         Before                                                                      After

                     Before                                                             After
I try to get a family picture every couple years and finally have them all together.

          Before                                                              After

So, I know the art looks a little funny, with that tiny piece all by itself.  There's a reason.  I'm waiting on two more pieces that will also go on that short wall.  

Not much, just a few unfinished things.  Thanks for reading!

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Unknown said...

I like the way you moved some of those things around to different walls. They look good. I will come by after Easter to see.