Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yard Sales and Some Much Needed Sister Time

My sister is in town for Easter!  This morning she and I met Mom and headed out for some girl time.  We didn't find many yard sales, but found a few good things where we did stop.
This is my favorite find of the morning.

I removed the seat and the fabric of course- cute, but not my style.  It was a little wobbly so I Gorilla Glued and strung it up.  I went ahead and flipped it over to paint.

While it was drying, I sewed a simple ruffle.  Then I used the hot glue and staple gun to cover the top with the new fabric.

Remember when I covered the chair and didn't use the piping?  Yep, knew I'd find a place for it.
 After it dried I flipped it over and added the ruffle with hot glue.  On top of the ruffle I added the piping trim.
      Just for added security, I glued the top to the base before finishing it with the screws underneath.
In total, I used 1 yard of fabric, 2 hot glue sticks, a few staples, and about a 1/2 cup of paint.  The padding already on the stool was sufficient and didn't need replacing.
Happy Easter!

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