Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Lot Of Workspace And A Little Pouting

One of three scenarios plays out when I see something new.

Number One:  Sometimes I look at things and know how I'm going to use them immediately.  That awe-inspiring "something" was sitting there waiting just for me to walk in and BAM, we connect.  Angels sing, glowing light fills the room and that something is in the back of my van before you can say Gorilla Glue.  And within 24 hours, that something is repurposed, painted, waxed, and living out it's new calling.  But, the angels don't always sing.

Number Two:  Sometimes I see a something and my heart flutters and I circle a couple times, debate price and know that it's probably going home with me.  My reluctance surfaces when I know that something is awesome, but I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with it.  I have a process for that something.  I leave it out in the foyer or kitchen so I can walk by it and contemplate it as I'm going about my day.  No matter how odd the item, no one really questions it anymore.  My kids have grown up this way and my husband is pretty laid back, thank goodness.

The third scenario starts like the first, but ends abruptly when I don't have the necessaries to bring my brilliance to fruition.  When this happens, the something will sit somewhere waiting for the sometime when I luck-up and find what I'm needing.  Sometimes it's a long time.

Last year a friend gave me a 1940's metal top table. The legs were dry rotted, but I knew immediately it would be a great work space in the kitchen.  I was so confident, I dove right into dismembering the legs and wooden base..  Then I stopped.  I sat in the kitchen floor surrounded by the rotted wood and rusted metal hardware, pouting like a 3 year old.  My brilliant idea was halted by a counter top that was an inch too long.  I was stumped.  My husband came home, stepped over me and my mess and made a suggestion for a temporary fix until I could find the base I needed.  His idea was great.  I picked up the pieces of the table (and my dignity) and moved on.

So, I told you all of that to tell you this:  I found THE base!!!  I stopped at the Habitat Restore one afternoon for nothing in particular and there it was... waiting for me :) Yep, this is when the angels sing....


I used 2" casters with rubber wheels.  I got 2 with locks and 2 without.

 A little Gorilla Glue on the top.

 Yesterday I worked on the island AND my kitchen as a whole.  It was in desperate need of deep cleaning and it got it.  Plus, I just like a fresh clean space when I'm going to put something new in it.

 A little MMSMP in Ironstone.. Added my cookbooks from the shelves that are too high for 
real convenience.

And there you have it!  I'll show you more of the kitchen later.  I'm waiting on a piece from my sister-in-law and when it arrives I'll show the room as a whole.

Come for the furniture, stay for the life lessons.
Don't leave your dignity lying in the kitchen floor.

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