Sunday, April 6, 2014


Wow, so it's been a little while huh?  Let me catch you up... I went on vacation, got a little food poisoning and spent several days recouping after getting home.  Sickness aside, the rest was great fun!  I went to Virginia to visit my oldest friend Tiffany and her family.  I came home with a few goodies too, but I'll share those later.  We went by my old house and few other places. 

In another POST I told you about an old school that Tiffany and I explored as kids.  I couldn't believe it's still there.  It's a little better boarded up than it was back then or I'd have inside pictures for you. haha 

I've also told you about my most favorite house ever.  It's in the same little town as the school.  I have such a great memory of this place that I was little afraid of having that ruined.  Not so much that my memory of the place was inaccurate, but what if someone had not taken care of my beautiful home. Or worse, what if they tried to make it something it was not, like MODERN!?  To my wonderful surprise, the house has not only been maintained well, but it's been restored perfectly.  The new owners have made updates by re-creating original features.  They have replaced the stone and concrete steps, but kept the same shape and size and look of the original.  Same with the 2nd story wooden balcony and several lighting elements.  It was wonderful to see it loved!

One more.  The Antique Store!  It's where my parents bought many of their antiques and where I started buying antique books.  The new owner, Bill, was very nice and gave me a great deal on a
gorgeous ironstone platter!

It was a great trip and I have more to show you later on! 
Thanks so much Clayton Family for a great trip!

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