Monday, August 11, 2014

Auctions, I think I’m doing it wrong…

I have a couple auctions that I enjoy going to.  I’ve tried to branch out a bit and hit some new ones, but frequently they don’t carry the good primitive(cheap) stuff I’m after.  I seem to do better with flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. 
 It’s possible that I’ve scouted these kinds of places for so long that I’ve just become adept at the quick scan, get-in-get-out.  However, I do like the certainty that comes with priced items.  If I want it, I buy it.  If I want it and I'm not okay with the price I can haggle a bit.  I do have to say here, that I’m not much for haggling.  If something is priced fairly, I will not ask the seller to take less just for my own sake.  If something is ridiculously overpriced for me I don’t usually haggle on this point either, because I don’t want to be insulting offering what I believe it to be worth.  It’s in the middle ground that I’m willing to ask the seller to knock off a bit.

But, getting back to auctions.  They can be a great resource, but they can take quite a bit of time out of an already busy day.  For example, the auctions I go to usually have anywhere from 3-10 sellers a night.  They draw numbers to get a selling order and each is allowed 30 minutes.  For me, that means I don’t know when they’ll get to the items I’m interested in or if they’ll get to them at all.  If they run out of time before they run out of stuff… they sell again the following week.  So, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll stick with what I know for now.  Does anyone else have auction tips that might help?  I’d love to hear them!!
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