Monday, August 4, 2014

Stupid Gemino Curse

I bet someone out there has had this problem too.

Remember that scene in Harry Potter where every item in the Lestrange Family vault multiplied when touched in order to bury the trespassers alive?!  I'm under the impression someone has put this curse on my craft supplies.  Every time I turned around there was more, every where.  It was totally out of control.
So, I came across a cheap (in this case, cheap is code for ugly) cabinet last week and
 decided it was time to reign it in. 
Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.
Here's what worked for me:  I gathered all my supplies from all the basement, closets, 
drawers, nooks and crannies 
around the house and dumped it in the dining room. 
The piles grew fast.
I also gathered up ALL the containers, big and small, that I could find.  I piled those up the dining room also.  When I had amassed everything I could think of, I tackled one pile at a time. 

I made sub-piles (that sounds funny-but I can't think of anything else to call them).
Sewing, paper items, fabrics, paints, metals, accessories, misc... you get the idea.
After sub-dividing, I started matching containers to contents.


 Then, eventually, containers into the spaces in the cabinet. 

I weeded out some fabric.  I'd been holding on to a few pieces that I decided I would just never use.

 Found this desk caddy on my last trip to the Salvation Army and knew it would be great for paint supplies.
I also threw out some dried paint and glitter.

The hallway where I had to put the cabinet is small and dark, so better pictures aren't easy. 
I think it will work for now and most everything is now in one place.

Thanks for reading :)  Now, stop reading-start doing!

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